Health, Aging, and Wellness Are you aging unnecessarily?

Can you spare the time to read two pages a week to live longer, healthier, and happier?

52 Baby Steps to Grow Young book

Oprah-featured author, Dr. Michael Brickey shares Centenarian Secrets for Being Youthful at Every Age

Did you ever notice how some people look and feel younger than their age?

What are their secrets?

Yes, nutrition, exercise, and genes are factors.

Their biggest secret, however, is that they think differently.

Model their thinking and you too can have a youthful outlook at every age.

Like lemmings go to sea, most people are following our culture's beliefs about aging.

Those beliefs foster aging more than you need to.

Adopt a youthful mindset, and you will be more youthful at every age.

Dr. Michael Brickey distills anti-aging research into baby steps and prescribes a baby step a week with:

  • two-page baby steps for adopting grow young beliefs and habits
  • steps that build on each other like compound interest
  • beliefs that enhance your health and help you live longer and happier

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So why should I listen to you?

When I turned 50 I became consumed with discovering why some people look and much feel younger than their calendar age. You know, the kind of people who exude vitality and resiliently shed stress? I spent years discovering centenarian secrets and scouring the best Anti-Aging Research so you don't have to.

I'm Dr. Michael Brickey, President of The Ageless Lifestyles Institute. I have thirty years of clinical experience doing psychotherapy. My first book, Defy Aging, gives the research, theory, and how-to for living well into your hundreds. It was featured on Oprah, CNN Sunday Morning, and The Voice of America. It was a Finalist in ForeWord magazine's Book of the Year Awards and critically acclaimed. My credentials include being Board Certified Psychologist, a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, and on the medical staff of several hospitals

What others say...

52 baby steps to Grow Young provides a number of answers embodied in my own advice, i.e., "you can’t turn back the clock but you can rewind it."
~Art Linkletter, TV personality and author of Old Age is Not for Sissies

Dr. Brickey gives a clear vision on how to grow young through weekly steps that transform your thinking process. His easy-to-read steps are a refreshing way to renew your spirit and live a better life.
~Nido Qubein, author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and philanthropist

52 baby steps distills anti-aging research and centenarian secrets into a set of brief tasks that readers will find easy to do in their effort to look and feel younger than their chronological age.
~Dr. Ronald Levant, 2005 President of the 150,000 member American Psychological Association

Each step is a gem. I immensely enjoyed this wonderful, well written, pithy daily primer on what it takes to be young at every age.
~Dr. Nick Cummings, President of the Cummings Foundation for Behavioral Health and a past President of the American Psychological Association

A refreshingly humorous perspective on the human condition.  We really are what we perceive ourselves to be.
~Dr. Pat DeLeon, a past President of the American Psychological Association

Dr. Brickey’s 52 baby steps to Grow Young is energizing and life enhancing. It is a wonderful way to practice the positive psychology he enlightened us with in his Defy Aging.
~Dr. Jack Wiggins, a past President of the American Psychological Association

This may be your emotional fountain of youth! Good, accurate information, simple explanations, stimulating quotes and a good joke or two mark each step to growing young. With such a map, why not got for it?
~Dr. Ron Fox, a past President of the American Psychological Association

Michael Brickey’s 52 baby steps to Grow Young gave me many moments of laughter and profound thoughts.
~Dr. Stanley Graham, a past president of the American Psychological Association

At last, a book on aging that is short, succinct, and eminently practical. The advice is wise and when possible evidence-driven.
~Dr. Ben Dean, Founder and President of MentorCoach, the nation’s preeminent training program for clinicians becoming professional coaches

Your Aging is Too Important to Just Let it Happen

Your thinking plays a huge role in how you age. Nursing homes are full of people who did not age well. The ideal is to live a long, healthy life and when you die, go quickly. That is what a lot of vital centenarians (people 100+ years old) do. A Grow Young mindset helps you follow their example.

52 baby steps to Grow Young leads you step by step with baby steps that develop a youthful mindset at every age. And it only requires reading two pages a week.

52 baby steps to Grow Young isn't magic diets, magic pills, or magic exercises. It is practical, easy to make belief shifts. Any one step seems tiny. Cumulatively the steps make a huge difference in developing a youthful outlook at every age. Your aging is too important to be left to chance or get sucked into our culture's negative beliefs about aging.

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